This is neat. The recently announced G Flex by LG, already an eyebrow-raising phone by any measure, also boasts a coat on its back cover that is incredibly resistant to scratches. In fact, the mysterious polymer is purported to self-heal.

YouTuber Marques Brownlee managed to get his hands on a G Flex, and decided to test the claim himself, scuffing up the G Flex's back panel with his keys and even (lightly) taking a knife to it.

Pretty remarkable stuff. Brownlee notes that a bit of heat seems to catalyze the healing process, and the scratches, which were still present after an hour or so, were basically invisible to the untrained eye.

For now the phone is only available in Korea, and LG is keeping mum about how the G Flex's self-healing technology works exactly. Quartz has a nice round-up of a few of the possibilities, mentioning a tiny lattice microstructure that repair rips and tears.

Or the back may be coated in a solid, gel-like chemical compound called polyrotaxane, which automatically fills in small dings and has already found its way into things like car paint and phone cases.

To top it off, MIT researchers accidentally stumbled on a similar self-repairing metal just a few months ago.

Bottom line: Our gadgets and other tools may one day be substantially more resistant to wear and tear than they are today.

The future, in other words, is starting to look a little more klutz-proof.

(via The Verge)