1. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) wrote the script that he hopes Republicans will follow in 2016 and made himself the frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination by beating his Democratic challenger by more than 22 points. In a solidly blue state, Christie won a majority of the votes of women and Hispanics and also made impressive inroads with younger voters. It's very clear Christie would be a competitive presidential candidate nationally. What's much less clear is if he can make it through the GOP primary process.

2. Despite weeks of polls predicting a big win for Terry McAuliffe (D) in the Virginia governor's race, Ken Cuccinelli (R) lost by just three points after he made his opposition to ObamaCare the focus of his campaign. It's an early indication that President Obama's health care law could be just as energizing to Republicans as it was in the 2010 midterm elections.

3. In Alabama, Bradley Byrne (R) defeated Tea-Party-backed candidate Dean Young (R) in a special congressional runoff to fill the seat of former Rep. Jo Bonner (R). Byrne's win was a victory for the GOP's moderate wing in the battle for control of the party.