Justin Bieber's new album won't be out until December 9 — but thanks to his obnoxious "Music Mondays" partnership with iTunes, any Beliebers who simply can't wait for the formal release can simply assemble it piece by piece over the next 10 weeks. Every Sunday night at midnight, Bieber will make a new song available for $1.29. This week, it's "Heartbreaker."

The Biebs, as is his custom, marked this momentous event with a barrage of tweets:

The real pitch behind Bieber's new album is the idea that listening to these new songs will be like looking into Bieber's journal — an idea that will surely appeal to the pop star's famously obsessive fan base.

And now that it's finally here, what insight does the first of these "journal entries" contain? According to Bieber, "Heartbreaker" is "a song for people going through a heartbreak." Illuminating!

Lyrical insights aside, the song is an utterly generic R&B slow jam that does Bieber's high tenor voice no favors. But if you're underwhelmed by "Heartbreaker," let the Biebs himself reassured you:

So check back in to Bieber's YouTube channel sometime in early December, when he finally decides to release his best song to we unwashed masses.