If you're suffering from Breaking Bad withdrawal, you'll soon be able to watch the whole series over again — in Spanish. The upcoming Metastasis, which will air on Univision in the United States, is a Spanish language remake of Breaking Bad, set in Colombia, that will retell the AMC drama's narrative from the perspective of a chemistry teacher turned meth manufacturer named Walter Blanco.

"One of the most riveting series of all time finds a new voice in Metastasis," says a voiceover artist in the first trailer for the show. "A fascinating retelling that will capture Hispanic audiences like never before. The enduring characters. The gripping storytelling. The fact that everybody has a tipping point."

All signs indicate that Metastasis will be hewing very, very closely to Breaking Bad's original narrative. There are a number of blink-and-you'll-miss it moments in this trailer that faithfully repeat famous shots from Breaking Bad, from Walter's time in the hospital to his near-naked drive through the desert. But there are a few key deviations: The iconic RV from Breaking Bad has been replaced by an "old, barely drivable school bus" because "motor homes are not popular in Colombia." See? It's a totally different show!