Game of Thrones won't be back on TV until 2014. And in the meantime, HBO is giving anyone who can't wait for the fourth season a chance to build their own mini-Westeros in the comfort of their home. On Wednesday, HBO announced the upcoming release of a "Game of Thrones 4D puzzle" — which should really be called a "Game of Thrones 3D puzzle" — that will let fans explore the map of Westeros in quite a lot of detail (just as soon as they've managed to assemble it).

The promotional video for the Game of Thrones 3D puzzle shows off its close resemblance to the TV show's now-legendary opening credits sequence, which sees the castles of Westeros rise up from a detailed world map. According to, the puzzle consists of more than 1,200 pieces and measures a full 30 by 18 inches when fully assembled. Unfortunately, the puzzle doesn't come with any figurines, so anyone who wants to replicate any of the show's brutal beheadings should probably keep a few LEGOs handy.