Zach Galifianakis' long-running Between Two Ferns series follows the host as he irritates and berates a wide range of A-List celebrity guests. The series offers a funny, scathing (and scripted) indictment of the countless blandly promotional interviews celebrities perform in support of their latest projects — and his latest target, Justin Bieber, proves a surprisingly game foil for Galifiankis' barbs.

After helpfully labeling the singer "Justin Beevers," Galifianakis opens with a reference to Bieber's "public meltdown" and follows it up with questions about some of Bieber's most notorious recent antics, including his wish that "Anne Frank would have been a Belieber" and a leaked video of Bieber peeing in a bucket. (No reference, unfortunately, to the monkey he abandoned in Germany.) Over the course of the video, Galifianakis goes after Bieber's youth, arrogance, and hairstyle (though Bieber fires back with a shot at Galifiankis' weight). By the video's end, the passive-aggressive convict actually becomes aggressive, but never fear, Beliebers — Bieber ends up with the last laugh.