Breaking Bad is one of the most acclaimed series in television history, but one fan thinks he can improve on it — and he's made some videos to prove it. Joe Hawkins' satirical YouTube series "Fixing Breaking Bad" makes a series of edits to the AMC drama's recent episodes that show the dumber, goofier series it could have become.

The premise of the "Fixing Breaking Bad" video series is simple: Joe Hawkins, a former visual effects editor for the series who was fired due to creative differences with showrunner Vince Gilligan, offers his vision for each episode. These "improved versions" of Breaking Bad tend to remove nuance and add a series of absurd special effects.

Take, for example, the "Fixing Breaking Bad" version of the confession tape Walt sent Hank in "Confessions":

Or this reworked scene at the car wash, which fixes a major oversight from the original cut of the episode:

But the best of the lot is this significantly edited version of the climatic gunfight at the end of "To'Hajilee." I won't spoil the gag, but Hawkins' edits to the scene do, admittedly, answer the fans' complaints about how all the shooters have such terrible aim (and give Jesse one last reason to yell, "Magnets, bitch!"):

Watch the rest of the "Fixing Breaking Bad" videos at Hawkins' YouTube channel. And read our recap of last night's episode here.