Attention, America: The most talented person among us has been identified. Kenichi Ebina — a 38-year-old Japanese man whose elaborate "dance-ish" routines combine elements of mime, martial arts, hip-hop, and the robot — has been crowned the winner of this year's America's Got Talent over stand-up comedian Taylor Williamson.

Ebina's final routine relied heavily on a screen that featured a number of pre-recorded dancers in costume, each of whom was also played by Ebina. Throughout the routine, Ebina interacted with the other "dancers," creating a one-man routine that seamlessly integrated numerous performances — and netted him a cool $1 million.

How did Ebina reach this point? These are some of his earlier performances, which wowed the judges and audiences alike:

How does Ebina's act stack up against the rest of the show's previous winners? Last year's champion, Olate Dogs, is a canine-based stunt routine, but the rest have been singers with styles ranging from lounge to country (and, in one particularly memorable instance, singing-ventriloquism). The back-to-back wins for non-singing acts may herald a new, broader era in America's Got Talent — so all you mimes, jugglers, and one-man bands should probably get your audition tapes ready now.