The Republican Party's obsession with trying to block President Obama's health care law now threatens to shut down the federal government in just a few weeks.

Let's look at the facts:

  • Republicans didn't have the votes to stop ObamaCare when it passed the House and Senate in 2010.

  • Republicans didn't have the votes to repeal the law on any of their 40 attempts to do so.

  • Republicans didn't have the votes on the Supreme Court to overturn the law or find it unconstitutional.

  • Republicans didn't have the votes to elect a new president in 2012 who would repeal the law.

Now the law is finally going into effect and Republicans know that once it begins to deliver needed benefits to millions of Americans, it will never be stopped.

But Republicans refuse to accept that they lost.

So now some say they should withhold funding for ObamaCare in the budget. But they don't have the votes for that either.

The best they can do is try to block the budget. If Congress doesn't pass a bill funding the government by Sept. 30, government workers will be told to stay home and key services will be suspended.

Everyone will know who is responsible.