Pop-cultural parodies are the late night show's stock-in-trade, but few are more elaborate than Late Night's "Joking Bad," an epic 13-minute parody of AMC's Breaking Bad that walks host Jimmy Fallon through all the major beats of Walter White's five-season journey. In "Joking Bad," Fallon goes from happy-go-lucky late night host to growling joke-dealer with the help of more than a few familiar faces from both Late Night and Breaking Bad.

Yes, Breaking Bad parodies abound on the internet — but "Joking Bad" was clearly written and directed by a team that has an encyclopedic knowledge of the AMC series. The video is packed with callbacks both overt (a pink teddy bear makes a background appearance) and subtle (Gus' office is numbered "737ABQ"). But aside from these surface references, the clip takes great pains to replicate some of Breaking Bad's most memorable moments, right down to the precise camera work of the original shots. There are plenty of fun surprises for Breaking Bad fans buried within the video, but the undeniable highlight is the ending, which reveals Fallon's greatest adversary of all.