1. Don't try this at home you guys
Or anywhere, quite frankly. (via Imgur)

2. Return of the Russian snow monkey
Sometimes the heavens smile down and give us wonderful gifts like extended footage of this tiny monkey hopping around in his snowsuit. #crying

3. Don't try this at home either
I'm in the camp that thinks this twerking mishap is totally staged. (The suddenly big flame! The "responsible" roommate coming home in work attire!) What do you think? We've covered it already, but here it is again:

4. NASA joins Instagram
Really looking forward to all the Earth selfies. Follow NASA's account here.

5. Cow tipping is not possible, says physics
Modern Farmer — which is a fine web publication you should check out immediately — puts on its Snopes cap and dives deep into the myth of cow tipping. It also includes this diagram: