1. Hank and Marie watch Miley twerk
File this under: "Things that somehow manage to perfectly capture the entire pop culture zeitgeist."

2. Overjoyed little girl Skypes with dad
Look at how happy she is! (via Jezebel)

3. Overjoyed little boy really loves Popeye's
This basically could be me.

4. Tumblr of the Week: Serious Place Selfies
Snapping a selfie at home? Great! By all means. Snapping an enthused thumbs-up selfie at, say, the Holocaust Memorial? Probably not a good idea, bro.

5. Eagle gracefully crashes into a mega church's window
The following WTF video was taken at the ORU worship center in Tulsa, Okla. Why an eagle was zooming by church-goers' heads in the first place, I haven't a clue. At least everyone started chanting, "USA! USA!"

Don't worry, though. The eagle was reportedly OK. USA! USA!

6. Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat meet, world doesn't explode
Aw, look at how much they don't care.

7. Dubstep cat
What's more cruel: Forcibly manipulating your cat's limbs as if it were a toy? Or making us listen to Skrillex?

Have a great Labor Day weekend!