1. The best of Vine
To be completely honest, this week's "best of the internet" could easily have just been this amazing Vine compilation five times in a row. Totally lost it at 8:03. (Via Gizmodo)

2. Robots are taking all the good jobs (Via Imgur)

3. The glorious return of 'bored guitar girl'
Only this time instead of Van Halen she plays Vivaldi. Ho hum.

4. The best restaurant theme song ever
Step 1: Put on your headphones
Step 2: Go to 40meatballs.com
Step 3: Let the music wash over you like a warm bath.

Our own Jon Terbush says it's a totally rip-off of Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me." He declined to say how he knew that.

5. David Ortiz holds a baby
Per the Reddit description: "Before last night's Red Sox game, David Ortiz was signing autographs when someone handed him their baby. Just then, the National Anthem began. So…"