1. Tumblr of the Week: Cop Selfies
Exactly what it sounds like. See some here.

2. Bears find scratching post
Family of bears? Check. Folksy soundtrack? Double check. A compelling visual narrative centered around a lonely tree? Check, check, and check. This bear rub video is perfection. (Via The Awl)

3. Matt Drudge's early brush with the Singularity

Someone help Matt.

4. Test test test
The Chicago Tribune accidentally published an adorable test article that briefly graced its homepage. Here it is saved for posterity. (Via Gizmodo)

5. Friendship is real
When you're in the deepest depths of your darkest hour, remember to look to the sky; for soon, the clouds will part, and this video of a hillbilly dancing with his pet raccoon will enter into your heart on a sunbeam.

6. Obama gets sassy
One can only presume he wasn't talking about NSA surveillance. (Via Twitter)

7. Children's chorus covers popular indie track
When I was in chorus we did, like, "You're a Grand Old Flag." The track hauntingly covered here is "Untrust Us" by Crystal Castles, and it's actually really great.