At about 10:30 p.m. on Monday, the Blue Rhino propane plant near Tavares, Fla. — about an hour northwest of Orlando — erupted in a ball of flame. By 2 a.m., plant managers said that all 24 to 26 people working at the facility had been accounted for, with several workers injured but none killed.

"The employees were able to escape and scatter away because the explosion was not in their part of the building," said Lake County Sheriff's Office spokesman John Herrell at a news conference.

The Blue Rhino facility fills propane tanks for your gas grill and other uses, and a series of loud booms sounded through the area for about an hour as tanks ignited and blew up. A little while later, the fire spread to another part of the plant, setting off another round of explosions. Here's a look inside the plant:

And here's an early report from SkyNews, with helpful background information from a local resident: