1. Beer Labels in Motion
There isn't much to say about this, other than that it's pretty neat.

See the rest here.

2. "Oh hi."

3. Emoji tracker
True to its name, this website keeps tabs of real-time emoji usage on Twitter. While it's nice to see the embarrassed monkey getting some shine, why is the heart card so far ahead of the normal heart?

Plus: Free Easter egg! Go to the page, type "disco," then hit enter.

4. 40 Days of Dating
Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman are designers based in New York City. Recently they both found themselves newly single and sick of the dating scene, so they decided to embark on a social experiment that only today's generation of over-sharers could come up with: At the risk of ruining their friendship, they would exclusively "date" one another for 40 days and document the whole thing online.

At the end of each day — they're on day 18 — Jessica and Timothy individually fill out a questionnaire, detailing what they learned about the other person, as well as themselves. The whole thing is equal parts quirky, insufferable, and impossible to look away from. Follow along on their blog here.

5. Play with this killer whale
Link here. And might I recommend a soundtrack?

6. The 97-year-old artist who makes everything on MS Paint
Meet Hal Lasko, aka "The Pixel Painter." He spends 10 hours a day making highly detailed drawings on MS Paint, and they're kind of amazing. (Via This is Colossal)