1. The best pool alley-oop ever
This one's pretty great, too. But we stand by the original seven-man triumph thanks to the creative use of props, the extension of the dunk, and the backboard slinking in defeat at the end. (Via Deadspin)

2. Nicolas Cage as your favorite Disney princesses
Could be worse. At least it isn't long-haired Nic. (Via BuzzFeed)

3. The 12-year-old political genius
A bit old, but still worth sharing. From the Upworthy description:

This 12-year-old Egyptian boy is putting together some very complex arguments against the Muslim Brotherhood's attempt to grab power in Egypt. If you think he's just regurgitating a script or something, watch him answer a question about gender equality at 1:57. [Upworthy]

4. Here is a cat twerking

5. Bzzzzzt
A little late to this, too, but oh well. Short version: Guy delights fantasy nerds by designing what he calls a "stun sword," which is like half-sword, half-taser. Predictable "shut up and take my money!" GIFs are thrown up as internet swoons. The designer says he'll release the actual sword plans at some point so that kids can build their own lightning blades at home. What could go wrong?

6. The happiest dog
Here's a soldier returning home after six months, and his happy dog can barely contain itself. (Via Death and Taxes)

7. Elderly woman walks into music store, plays drums
Rather unexpected. (Via Loop Insight)