With Sharknado 2 pretty much an inevitability at this point, the film's producers might want to consider giving lead actor Ian Ziering the boot and casting a new protagonist. Might I suggest 24-year-old Nantucket fisherman Elliot Sudal, who, over the weekend, took it upon himself to wrestle a thrashing 200-pound shark and drag it onto the beach.

"I've been a fisherman my whole life," Sudal told CNN. "It's almost like a drug — I got used to catching bigger and bigger fish." (Don't worry. He eventually set it free.)

Sudal guessed that a shark might be lurking along the beach when he reeled in a bluefish that was bitten in half. Something was out there looking for the rest of its lunch. So he did what any superhuman maniac reasonable person would have done, and threw the bloody bluefish stump back out there, in hopes of regaining the hungry shark's attention.

Although this particular fella took 45 minutes for him to wrangle, it was all rather ho-hum for Sudal, who says he has a degree in environmental science and supports conservation efforts. According to CNN, the shark-tamer estimates he has caught and released 100 of the frightening predators in the past eight months alone.

For what it's worth, I believe him.

(Via Death and Taxes, CNN)