In 2011, Google ran a sting operation to try and prove that Bing was hijacking its search results. Microsoft didn't exactly refute the claim, and by many accounts, appeared to be caught with its hand in the cookie jar.

That no longer appears to be the case, at least if you Bing (it's a verb now, right?) this exact phrase: "The Xbox One is" (the word "the" is important).

And what happens when you enter "The Xbox one is" into Google?

It's unclear why the search results auto-complete differently. Though as Megan Garber at The Atlantic points out, it may have something to do with "brand bias" — Microsoft fans are more likely to use Microsoft products.

That said, Microsoft has spent the last few days trying to undo the damage done from its nightmare console launch. Late yesterday, the Xbox team caved to pressure and reversed its policy to allow gamers to play without a 24-hour internet connection, and to also allow for compatibility with used games. (It's why you probably saw the phrase "Xbox 180" on Twitter yesterday.)

To be completely fair, though, this is what happens when you Bing the phrase "Xbox one is", sans "the":

Perhaps Bing and Google users aren't so different after all.

(Via The Atlantic, @evlbzltyr)