If Google Reader getting the axe has resigned you to a solitary life of romcoms and Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Buns ice cream, take heart in the fact that Digg's RSS replacement will hit computer screens shortly.

Version 1.0 of Digg Reader will begin rolling out next week for the first 17,000 people who gave Digg feedback, according to a blog post. And everyone else should have basic access by June 28th.

"First, we want to get the basics right, starting with a clean and uncluttered design and a powerful backend infrastructure than can operate well at scale," says Digg. The company's goal is to make an RSS app that's fast and simple, and can import feeds and folders from Google Reader. Digg Reader will be free, but the company says a premium subscription with more unspecified features will also be available.

Following news of Google Reader's demise, users flocked to other aggregation services like Feedly. But the field is still wide open. For what it's worth, reports suggest that Facebook may be working on an RSS-powered reading platform as well.