"Hollywood: Where dreams are made, but also where dreams are crushed," says host Jeff Probst in the opening moments of last night's The Greatest Event in Television History. "But rest assured: Tonight, your dreams will come true. Really true. Welcome to The Greatest Event in Television History."

What could inspire such a grandiose opening? A shot-for-shot remake of the opening credits to '80s TV staple Hart to Hart, starring Parks & Recreation costars Adam Scott and Amy Poehler, with a purported (and presumably untrue) budget of $40 million. Despite its title, this is actually the second Greatest Event in Television history, after last year's similar project, which saw Adam Scott and Jon Hamm recreate the Simon & Simon opening credits.

The Greatest Event in Television History, which aired at midnight on Adult Swim, is an expert parody of self-important behind-the-scenes documentaries, with Scott and Poehler playing themselves as obnoxious divas equally convinced that their costar is a hack. Most of the video is spent on a lengthy war of passive-aggression between Scott and Poehler as they argue over who will leave their trailer first, browbeat the director, and submit to an on-set therapy session. Did the duo make up in time to complete the new Greatest Event in Television History? You'll have to watch for yourself to find out.

And watch the main event from last year's so-called Greatest Event in Television History — Adam Scott and Jon Hamm's shot-for-shot remake of the opening credits to Simon & Simon: