"We Can't Stop," the first song from pop star Miley Cyrus' as-yet untitled fourth studio album, has officially been released — and according to Cyrus herself, the single is a truly uncensored look at what she's up to these days. "Everyone always judges and says what they want, but my fans have really stood by me no matter what I've been through," said Cyrus in an interview with Ryan Seacrest. "This is a song that says where I'm at in my life right now."

So where is Cyrus at in her life right now? From the sounds of "We Can't Stop," a generic college frat party. "Red cups and sweaty bodies everywhere," sings Cyrus on the track. "Hands in the air like we don’t care." The song goes on to drop references to "shaking it like we at a strip club" and "trying to get a line in the bathroom" — so yeah, not exactly Hannah Montana material. Is "We Can't Stop" the next big summer anthem, or has Miley misfired with this paean to partying? Judge for yourself here.