She may not be British, but Jennifer Lopez managed to score a prime slot performing her new single "Live It Up" on ITV's popular reality show Britain's Got Talent — and notoriously picky judge Simon Cowell was impressed. "Seriously. J-Lo, if anyone wants to know how you do it, that's how you do it," said Cowell. "Seriously world-class."

But not everyone was as taken by J-Lo's routine. The performance — which features the singer in a rear- and thigh-baring leotard — reportedly rankled a number of British parents, who were so offended by the risque performance that they filed complaints with Ofcom, the agency that regulates British media. "Could Jennifer Lopez's outfit be any more inappropriate for a family show???" tweeted one viewer. "does #jenniferlopez realize it's a family show - only thing missing was the pole - cover up your cheeks please!" tweeted another.

But will Lopez face anything worse than bad press for her performance? Ofcom confirmed to E! Online that it had "received complaints," which the agency is "currently assessing but not investigating at the moment."

"If we consider the potential that the broadcasting code wasn't abided by, there is potential we would investigate," said a spokesman. "But it's too early to speculate." Until then, Lopez's "Live It Up" performance probably won't cost her a thing.