The song: After months of teasers and snippets, Beyonce fans can finally hear the first full song from Beyonce's upcoming, currently untitled fifth studio album — and the song finds Queen B back in fine form. "I'm a grown woman, I can do whatever I want," sings Beyonce. Titled "Grown Woman," the Timbaland-produced track — which is widely speculated to be a leak — debuted, in part, in a Pepsi ad earlier this year. But this is the first chance fans have had to listen to Beyonce's latest in full. Does it live up to the sky-high expectations?

The reaction: "It's likely that Beyonce still isn't 100 percent ready for you to hear it, but sometimes the art speaks for itself," says Kia Makarechi at The Huffington Post. Now that "Grown Woman" has finally made its way online, we can see it's a "girl power anthem" that's sure to get plenty of play this summer. "The track gets increasingly melodic yet simultaneously tribal as it goes on, at times sounding like the sassiest, most grown up jump rope rhyme ever," says Jessica Sager at Popcrush. In fact the song is so complete, and its release so well-timed, that the timing of this leak seems suspiciously serendipitous, says Cory Lopez at Celebuzz. "Could this song release be a clever move by the Queen to change the conversation" from the pregnancy rumors swirling around her? "If so, well played."