J.J. Abrams has remained characteristically tight-lipped about his plans for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, but that hasn't stopped fans from feverishly speculating about the future of the franchise. On Wednesday, a few lucky fans — who arrived, miraculously, in full Star Wars costumes — got the chance to share their ideas for the series with Abrams during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live intended to promote Star Trek Into Darkness.

"You know, it's important to listen to the hardcore fans," insisted Kimmel, as Abrams fielded requests that ranged from "Luke Skywalker should use a lightsaber to fight people," to "Princess Leia and Chewbacca should totally do it." Watch the video above, and dream about what might happen in Star Wars: Episode VII when it hits theaters in 2015 (and stick around for an appearance by a very, very special guest at the end of the clip).