Calorie counters may actually be better off at McDonald's than a sit-down restaurant, according to a new study from Tufts University. 

It turns out, according to an analysis of the nutritional information of 157 meals from 33 independent, non-chain restaurants in the Boston area, that non-chain restaurants pack dinner plates with way too many calories. And you probably don't even know it. While McDonald's lists calorie counts on its menus, fancier sit-down restaurants are rarely as transparent.

Here, a roundup of some scary, appetite-suppressing numbers.

Calories in the average fast food meal

Calories in the average sit-down restaurant dinner or lunch (with sides), which is…

Percent of the average daily 2,000-calorie intake recommended by the Food and Drug Administration for a healthy adult

Percent of the meals analyzed that exceeded 2,000 calories. Some of the worst offenders included...

Calories found in restaurants' "rack of ribs," which, when presented with all the trimmings, carried between 1,850 and 3,500 calories

Calories — at the high end — in the Indian dish tandoori chicken (at the low end, it was around 1,200 calories)

Calories found in the average Italian meal

Calories found in the average American meal

Calories found in the average Chinese meal

Per-meal calories recommended by the FDA

Percent of Americans considered overweight or obese

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