1. Tiny dog walks bigger dog
Why invest in a dog walker when you can just get a smaller, feistier pup? (Via Laughing Squid)

2. Some welcome perspective
Tough day at the office? Take a breather: Hereistoday.com is one of those rare, well-designed sites that does a fine job of putting the last 24 hours into perspective. (Via Lauren Hansen)

3. Unfortunate ink
Well, maybe it's a tofu dog? 

4. Scientifically accurate Ninja Turtles
NSFW-ish, mostly because of a certain frightening piece of the turtle anatomy. But, hey! You'll learn a few things. (Via Digg)

5. Tumblr of the Week: White Men Wearing Google Glass
Related. (Via Tumblr)

6. Fearsome dog attacks hapless photographer
Very gruesome stuff. Don't click play. You'll regret it. (Via Twitter)

7. Cat of the Week
Everyone tip your hat to Bojangles, who celebrated his 14th birthday (!!!) last week. He thinks it's time to cut you off.

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