Now that the bourgeois face computer of the future is adorning select brows around the world, we're starting to get a clearer picture of just how Google Glass will be used. Engadget already has an in-depth review of the headset's Explorer Edition — the rare, $1,500 prototype released to entice developers — and there are plenty of Tumblrs dedicated to poking fun at the early wave of Glass adoptees.

For the rest of us left hunching over our smartphones like Neanderthals, Google has done a commendable job of releasing teaser videos to stoke our curiosity. In the new how-to clip above, we get our first glimpse of how Glass' interface actually works.

Most of your interaction with the device happens via a thin touchpad at the side, which allows you to scroll through menus and access information like weather and calendar appointments. As Engadget notes, once Glass has been prompted, you can instruct the headset to carry out tasks with your voice: Commands like "take a photo," or "Search Google for _____," which will beam back small, snack-sized bites of information.

From what we can tell, your primary conduit to friends and family is Google+, so if you plan on embracing Glass' hyper-connected reality in the near-future, now would be a good time to start re-familiarizing yourself with that social network. (Via Gizmodo)