April 29, 1974: Answering a congressional subpoena, President Richard Nixon said he'd release transcripts of taped conversations related to the widening Watergate scandal. The subpoena had been issued in July 1973, but Nixon ignored it, citing executive privilege. But finally, with pressure mounting, he agreed to make public transcripts of 46 White House conversations, and sent the House Judiciary Committee some 1,200 pages of transcripts. But Nixon said he had edited the transcripts to exclude material that was "irrelevant" to the Watergate investigation. The president also invited committee members to review the tapes to determine whether the transcripts omitted any incriminating evidence. "I want there to be no question remaining about the fact that the president has nothing to hide in this matter," Nixon said. He would, of course, resign a little more than three months later — the first president to quit.

Quote of the day

"Voters quickly forget what a man says." — Richard M. Nixon

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