Apple's commercials have been pretty hit-or-miss the last few years. There were the sloppy and offensive "Genius" ads that were pulled from last year's Olympics, and more memorably, the Siri spots that had a PJ-clad Zooey Deschanel forgetting how to look out a window. 

But this new iPhone 5 ad (which seems perfectly timed to coincide with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4) taps into the same kind of sappy sentimentality that Google perfected in 2009. "Photos Every Day," as the TV spot is called, has a little something for everyone: Foodies Instagramming their lattes, teens snapping selfies in a bedroom, implied drunken revelry, couples out on hikes — it feels, well, real.

The commercial was created by Apple's go-to agency, TBWA\Media Arts Lab, which, funnily enough, has something of a friendly rivalry with 72andSunny, the imaginative folks behind Samsung's campaigns.