Heather Abbott, one of the more than 260 victims injured in the Boston Marathon bombings, opened up about her recovery at a press conference on Thursday, saying her decision to amputate her left leg below the knee was "what I needed to do." Displaying a remarkable degree of stoicism and good cheer, the 38-year-old native of Providence, R.I., said that without the operation she would have been left with a "mangled" foot that may never have fully healed.

Abbott fielded questions on an array of topics, from her memories of the blast ("I felt like my foot was on fire") to meeting Michelle Obama in the hospital ("She was a very nice lady"). But it was her courageous response to her life-altering injury that drew the most attention. "If someone had told me that I was going to have half a leg, basically, at the age of 38, before this happened, I think I would never have believed it, I think I would have been devastated," she said. "And I really haven't had a moment yet of being devastated, because I've gotten so much support."

Watch more of the press conference below: