HBO's Game of Thrones begins its third season on Sunday night, riding a familiar (and heretofore unfulfilled) promise that winter is coming. Of course, the changing of seasons is just one of several dozen plot threads left dangling after season two ended last June. As the show resumes, Robb "King in the North" Stark continues chasing the Lannister forces across Westeros, and the awful boy-king Joffrey Baratheon attempts to maintain his tenuous hold on the Iron Throne. Following his defeat in the Battle of Blackwater, black-magic-dabbling wannabe king Stannis Baratheon has returned to Dragonstone to lick his wounds and plan his comeback. Sansa Stark remains a political prisoner, Arya Stark is stuck wandering in the wilderness, Tyrion Lannister recovers from a nasty battle wound… The list goes on and on — and that's not even counting what's happening with Jon Snow and the wildlings in the icy north, or Daenerys and her dragons in the sunny south.

Game of Thrones is one of the densest shows in television, and even the most diehard fans can benefit from a refresher on the world of Westeros. Has it been so long since you've watched Game of Thrones that you don't know Varys from Viserys, or Bran from Bronn? Here, watch the cast and crew of HBO's Game of Thrones summarize the story so far — and come back to on Sunday night for our take on the show's season three premiere: