March 26, 1804: Thomas Jefferson was given a "mammoth loaf" of bread — to go along with remnants of a 1,200 lb. chunk of cheese — a gift from a Baptist group for the president's support of religious tolerance. The "mammoth" bread and cheese were the centerpiece of a party in the Senate that Jefferson attended; a mammoth side of beef and booze also appeared; the president pulled out his pocketknife and cut the first slice of bread.

March 26, 1979: With President Jimmy Carter looking on, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin signed the historic Camp David peace treaty at the White House. The Israeli-Egyptian treaty ended three decades of hostility between the two neighbors. For their brave efforts, Sadat and Begin won the Nobel Peace Prize. Sadat was murdered by Islamic terrorists in October 1981. To this day, Egypt and Israel have been at peace.

Quote of the day

"I never told my own religion, nor scrutinized that of another." -Thomas Jefferson

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