March 22

On this day. 1929: President Herbert Hoover signed a proclamation establishing U.S. immigration quotas for every country.

On this day. 1933: President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Beer and Wine Revenue Act; the federal tax on booze raised badly needed Depression-era revenue. It was followed nine months later by the passage of the 21st Amendment ending Prohibition. Roosevelt, by the way, enjoyed drinking himself — martinis were his favorite. As president he refused to fire a White House valet for repeated drunkenness on the job. Sidebar: FDR also liked to play cards. When he lost, he paid by check, knowing they'd be kept as souvenirs and never cashed.

On this day. 1947: As Cold War fears deepened, raising concerns of communist infiltration of the government, President Truman ordered loyalty checks of federal employees.

Quote of the day

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit." -Harry Truman

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