The Republican National Committee will release a massive, unprecedented “autopsy” of what when wrong for the GOP during the 2012 elections.

The report isn’t out until Monday, but RNC Chairman Reince Priebus hinted at some of the findings and recommendations on CBS’ Face the Nation:

1. Move up the Republican National Convention

Priebus: "I'm calling for a convention in June or July. We're going to set up a commission that's going to make that decision. I'm going to be a part of that. I'm going to chair that commission, but no more August conventions."

2. Dramatically limit the number of Republican primary debates

Priebus: "I would do one a month, this is me talking now. I would do one a month. I would have more say over the moderators, more say over the debate partners. I would limit the debate to a reasonable amount. I don't know, maybe 7 or 8, but not 23... That's ridiculous."

3. Increase outreach efforts to minority voters

Priebus: "If you're not in the community, if you're not talking to people and the level of familiarity isn't there, then things — silly things like Todd Akin and some of the goofy things that are said, the caricature becomes true if you're not there. If you have unscripted moments and no relationship to explain anything, obviously, I believe you're a sitting duck."