This week, it's conservatives who are giddy over Saturday Night Live's cold open. In the opening skit, Jay Pharoah's President Obama holds a press conference to talk about the sequestration law he signed Friday night, saying that he could explain the $85 billion in spending cuts "in financial terms or in human terms, but since I really have no idea how money works or budgets work, I'll go in human terms instead." He then describes some of the ways the cuts will affect the White House — watch the jokes above — and the federal workforce. SNL even works in a none-too-subtle Village People homage.

"President Obama may want to blame Republicans for the sequester, but even Saturday Night Live knows the POTUS is actually the one at fault," says Kelsey Osterman at Red Alert Politics. National Review, The Washington Examiner, The Blaze, and The Daily Caller are some of the other conservative sites that got in on the fun.

Well, the sketch was funny — but there was a serious point, too, says Ross Luippold at The Huffington Post: The federal workforce really will be affected by these cuts — and so will you, if the sequestration continues. But the absurdity somehow matches the situation. "Who knew the Village People would be such an apt metaphor for the sequester?"