"What would Ryan Lochte do?"

That's the eminently pressing question that inspired the title of the Olympic swimmer's new E! reality show, which will premiere on April 21. From the looks of What Would Ryan Lochte Do?'s first teaser, it seems that when he's not in the pool prepping for 2016, America's favorite airhead athlete spends a lot of time wearing rhinestone-crusted watches, picking out shoes, and partying.

But given Lochte's "bro" persona, are we really that surprised? Clearly, E! is under no illusions about Lochte: The network is already billing WWRLD as a glimpse into the everyday life of "the self-proclaimed King of Gainesville, Fla. as he looks for love, hits the pool, and provides a gold mine of GIF opportunities along the way." Basically, the show will be ridiculous, says Terron R. Moore at Ology. "Whether you take that to mean 'awesomely ridiculous' or 'horribly ridiculous' [is] your prerogative, not ours."

Judge for yourself: