1. The new Livestrong bracelet
Lance Armstrong went on Oprah this week to come clean about his doping past. And that inspired a new motto... (Via Twitter)

(via @SartoriallyInc)

2. A really great headline

(CC BY: The White House)

3. Two dogs Skyping (Via the Huffington Post)

4. Tommy Lee Jones is the teacher from hell
This commercial comes courtesy of our friends overseas. Resistance is futile? (Via Reddit)

5. The incredibly tiny, transforming 420-square-foot apartment
Gadget blog Gizmodo interviewed Treehugger founder Graham Hill in his tiny, 420-square-foot apartment in New York City. Nothing too out of the ordinary — save for the transforming walls, hidden beds, and a freezer that looks like a sock drawer. I wonder if he needs a roommate. (Via Gizmodo)

6. #Teoing
If you were within three feet of a computer at any point this week, you probably came across the strange story of Manti T'eo, the Notre Dame football star who dated a girl that didn't actually exist. The internet, merciless as ever, sought to capitalize with a new Tumblr.


7. Dear Abby lives on
Pauline Phillips, the legendary advice columnist better known as Dear Abby, died Thursday at age 94. This succinct zinger from Sept. 1, 1979, was one of her best. And she had many. (Via Tumblr)


8. Cat of the Week
Happy Saturday, everyone. (Via Imgur)