During Monday's BCS championship game, Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron was shoved by center Barrett Jones after the Crimson Tide took a 5-yard delay-of-game penalty late in the team's 42-14 trouncing of Notre Dame. But it's not just college kids who are prone to these embarrassing outbursts. Who can forget Washington Redskins receiver Michael Westbrook's fisticuffs with running back Stephen Davis in 1997, or the repeated reports that San Francisco Giants stars Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent were getting into it behind closed doors. Here, a look back at some of the most hostile moments of teammate-on-teammate brawling caught on film:

1. Houston, we have a problem
During a 2010 game against the Tennessee Titans, Houston Texans Brian Cushing and Antonio Smith wound up shoving each other after Cushing tried to break up a fight between Smith and teammate Mark Anderson. Amid the melee, Cushing's helmet flew off, resulting in the team getting a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. So much for being the bigger man.

2. Camp tantrums
Nobody ever questioned Vernon Davis' talent, it was his work ethic, commitment, and temper that had his detractors concerned. In recent years, the 49ers tight end has keep his cool, but let's not forget how rocky his start was in the league, particularly with his teammates at training camps. In 2009, Vernon reportedly initiated four separate fights with teammates at training camp. Here's a look at one of those fiery incidents.

3. Primeau fighter
It's not just football players who let their competitive natures spill over into practice. NHL veteran enforcer Keith Primeau got physical with Detroit teammate Bob Probert in 1994 after several Red Wings pulled a practical joke during practice, getting arena workers to announce a Primeau empty-net goal over the loudspeaker. (Primeau apparently had sour grapes from the night before when he felt he was cheated out of a point.) This wasn't Primeau's only voyage into violence. He broke a teammate's nose at a Flyers' training camp in 2002. Check out this video of him getting in a teammate's face:

4. In the stands
Between games of the 2010 Diamond Head Classic, two Mississippi State basketball players fought in the stands. Renardo Sidney and Elgin Bailey had an altercation just before tip-off of the consolation game between Hawaii and Utah. Other Mississippi State players broke up the fight, which lasted a few minutes.


5. J-E-T-S  B-R-A-W-L
It's hard to tell because so many players are entangled, but this brawl began between players Joe McKnight and D'Anton Lynn at a Jets' practice last August. It stated when Lynn shoved McKnight out of bounds during a play, and McKnight took offense with the ferocity of the hit. McKnight flung the ball at Lynn, which set everything off. "If you're fighting, I mean, are you going to just love-tap him?" McKnight said. "I mean, you're going to try to hit him. It's a fight." It took close to 20 Jets players to get everything back in order.


6. Getting wild
Down 21-0 in the first half to Nevada in the Gildan New Mexico Bowl last month, the University of Arizona needed a big push to get back into the game. After storming back to a tie, they got another sort of big push. Wildcat players Cody Ippolito and Tevin Hood fought on the sideline before teammates stepped in to break it up. The Wildcats wound up winning the game 49-48, but it was the sideline situation that had everyone talking.

7. A Cutler above
In September, Chicago's quarterback was seen yelling at and bumping left tackle J'Marcus Webb during a game against the rival Packers. After the game, Cutler expressed regret for how he treated Webb and indicated that in the heat of the moment he let his temper flare. Still, Cutler fell short of apologizing for the entire incident, saying that it was between him and his left tackle. Two months later, it looked like the two had worked out their issues — Cutler was seen on the field tying Webb's shoes between plays.