1. Australia is doomed! (Via Jezebel)
Rumors ran wild in recent weeks and months that the Mayan calendar had predicted apocalypse for December 21. Maybe they were right!

2. Look out below! (Via Tumblr)
More rock-solid proof of our impending doom.

3. Nice guys of OK Cupid
You know the saying "nice guys finish last"? Maybe it's because they're not really such nice guys after all. (Via Tumblr)

4. George Takei reads Fifty Shades of Grey
"Oh my." (Via Gawker)

5. MySpace Tom gets the last laugh
The social network veteran schools a quippy stranger on Twitter. The poor guy deleted his account soon after. (Via Twitter)

6. The New York Times' "Snow Fall" story
This incredible multimedia feature by Times reporter John Branch tells the terrifying tale of skiers caught in an avalanche, elevating storytelling on the web to new heights. (Via The New York Times)

7. Cat of the week
Happy holidays, everyone! (Via Imgur