Victoria Toensing
The Washington Post

“I am a pro-choice Republican,” said Victoria Toensing. There are millions of us, but since the party has become adamantly pro-life in recent years, “most of us have been in the closet.” I was raised to believe abortion is “morally wrong” and should be illegal, but a personal experience changed my mind. While pregnant with my third child, I asked my doctor if I could get a tubal ligation later; he informed me that Texas law restricted surgical sterilization based on a woman’s age and number of children. As a conservative who believes in personal responsibility, this got me thinking that “government had no business dictating my childbearing decisions.” Today, however, pro-choice views are verboten in the Republican Party. So we end up running extremist candidates like Todd Akin who “confuse rape with sex,” or hypocrites like Rep. Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee, a pro-life doctor who, it’s been revealed, had sex with multiple patients and twice helped his girlfriends get abortions. My fellow Republicans: There’s nothing wrong with principled morality. But we should “live it, not legislate it.”