In the music video for "Invasión," the latest single from Mexico City-based band The Plastics Revolution, filmmaker Art Perez Jr. decided to create a stop-motion film comprised entirely of Instagrammed photos. The resulting whimsical short, which follows a twenty-something as he dreams of a blissful day with a beautiful girl, claims to be the first video "done entirely on Instagram without any third party alterations." Well, the effect of the video is definitely interesting, says Jamie Condliffe at Gizmodobut I wonder if it was really worth the effort to run each of the 1,905 photos through the filtering app individually. That sounds like a pain, says Michael Zhang at PetaPixel, but do keep in mind that Perez Jr. was likely shooting the stills with a professional camera before transferring each photo onto the iPhone/Android app to add the Instagram filters. Even so, says Matt Buchanan at BuzzFeed, "I wouldn't deny that what The Plastics Revolution and filmmaker Art Perez have done is hard." So why do it? "Because they could... And it looks neat. Does any other reason matter?"