The video: When it was announced that Vice President Joe Biden would appear on an episode of the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation, fans went wild — although nowhere near as wild as Amy Poehler's character did upon meeting the grinning vice president during the episode, which aired Thursday night. In the short one-minute scene, Biden politely rebuffs the giggling advances of small-government hero Leslie Knope (Poehler), who is treated to the meet-and-greet with the veep, her No. 1 crush, as part of an engagement present from fiancé Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott). " name just came out of your mouth!" Knope sputters with girlish nervousness before leaning in to touch Biden's face with unbridled admiration, before threatening a security guard and calling Biden "precious cargo." Take a look at the hilariously awkward clip below:

The reaction: Biden "proved to be a good actor — or rather, a good reactor" to Leslie's advances, says Ken Tucker at Entertainment Weekly, and given that there was a fair amount of ad-libbing in the scene, that's impressive. Well, we know the veep is good at being unintentionally funny, says Jessica Goldstein at New York, so is his performance really a surprise? "His reaction faces were so excellent I hope some more technologically capable person has already made GIFs of them that I can watch all day."