For President Obama:

1. Why would a second term be better then a first?

2. How come you didn't help me fix my mortgage but bailed out the banks?

3. You promised that America's reputation in the world would be restored after what George Bush did to it. How come that hasn't happened?

4. ObamaCare is going to force me to lay off employees. What would you like me to tell them?

5. What's been your biggest mistake and how would you fix it in your second term?


For Gov. Romney:

1. How will cutting taxes for millionaires reduce the deficit? Specifically, how do you make up for $5 trillion you'd add to the debt?

2. How will you ensure that my partner gets the same federal benefits as those given to heterosexual married people? Why is it fair that they get preferential tax treatment and other protections and we can't, even though we've been together for two decades?

3. What specifically would you do to Iran and in Syria that President Obama isn't doing?

4. Why do you seem to flip flop on every issue?

5. How has the Great Recession affected you personally?