The trailer: Kudos to the marketing wizard who decided to air a new extended trailer for Steven Spielberg's presidential biopic Lincoln immediately after last night's presidential debate. After 90 minutes of Obama and Romney's wonky squabbling, the trailer — which ends with Daniel Day-Lewis' Lincoln booming, "I am the President of the United States of America, clothed in immense power!" — offered a multiplex-friendly POTUS that voters of all stripes can believe in. (Watch the new Lincoln trailer below.) The clip reveals a longer sample of Day-Lewis' interpretation of Honest Abe — a performance many critics already see as a shoo-in for a Best Actor Oscar. Is Lincoln the rare political movie that will have both Democrats and Republicans singing its praises when it hits theaters in December?

The reactions: The trailer, which opens with black-and-white photos and inspirational sloganeering, feels like "a campaign ad," says Brendan Bettinger at Collider. Maybe so, says Anthony Breznican at Entertainment Weekly, but it reaches across the aisle: "No matter what your political belief, can't you feel your head nodding along with this?" By arriving right after a debate that left both GOP and Democrat voters wanting "stronger stands from their candidates," the Lincoln trailer delivered "a much-needed catharsis" for a frustrated electorate. It's official, agrees Lindsey DiMattina at "Lincoln wins the first presidential debate of 2012."