The video: Less than an hour before a gunman opened fire on a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis., killing six people and wounding three, a bipartisan coalition of 700 mayors aired its first ad urging voters to "demand a plan" for tighter gun control from both President Obama and his GOP rival Mitt Romney. In the commercial (watch it below), survivors of the Tucson, Ariz., shooting that nearly killed Rep. Gabrielle Giffords recite harrowing statistics about gun violence and implore the government to stop skirting the issue. "The Tucson survivors have waited nearly 600 days for Washington to take action to end gun violence," said New York City's Mayor Bloomberg, an outspoken gun-control advocate, in a statement. "They are still waiting, we are all waiting."

The reaction: The eerie timing of this "confluence of events" seems to "underscore the ad's core message," says Brigid Bergin at WNYC. Instead of offering mere moments of silence, both presidential candidates need to articulate how they could prevent catastrophes like the ones in Tucson, Aurora, and now Oak Creek from happening in the future. A plan from the next president is especially important, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tells the Huffington Post, since the current Congress likely won't be able to agree on any gun laws. "The votes aren't there for gun control," Pelosi said. "We certainly aren't going to be able to do it in this Congress." Watch the ad below: