The video: After noticing that their female friends kept losing their smartphones while out clubbing and drinking, two entrepreneurial University of Washington juniors came up with a purchasable solution: The JoeyBra. The push-up bra has a pouch on each side (hence the name, a reference to a baby kangaroo) for stashing your iPhone, ID, keys, credit cards, or a bit of cash, so women don't have to carry a purse or wear pants. After patenting the idea and making a prototype, business students Mariah Gentry and Kyle Bartlow have surpassed their $4,000 seed-money goal on Kickstarter. (Watch a clip of their sales pitch below.)

The reaction: Joke all you want about stuffing bras, "but this is serious business," says Eileen Marable at DVICE. Nearly $30 billion in phones will be lost this year, according to security firm Lockout, and two-thirds will go missing in the witching hours of 9 pm to 2 am. Yeah, but a bra pocket right under your armpit? says Erin Gloria Ryan at Jezebel. Please. "Do you hear your armpit ringing? I believe that Taste is calling," and it loathes this "monstrosity" of an idea. Actually, the JoeyBra is perfect... "for drunk college students," says Alissa Skelton at Mashable. But "pulling my iPhone out of my bra at a professional event doesn’t seem classy." Judge the JoeyBra for yourself: