The video: Just days before the airing of Comedy Central's roast of Charlie Sheen — not to mention the season premiere of his former TV showcase, Two and a Half Men — the actor-turned-punchline is embarking on a mea culpa tour. He sat down with Today's Matt Lauer for an interview that aired Friday morning, claiming surprise that the catchphrases he coined — "tiger blood" and "Adonis DNA," for instance — caught on so quickly. (See clip below.) "I couldn't really put out the fire," he says of his public meltdown, adding that the whole ordeal was "just one crazy chapter." The contrition continued in an interview with Jay Leno on Thursday night, during which Sheen admitted, "I'd have fired my ass, too." Sheen, who insists he's "a lot calmer now," is currently developing a new sitcom titled Anger Management, and shopping it around to networks.

The reaction: The only reason Sheen is on board the apology train is because he has a TV show to sell, says Charlotte Kuchinsky at Gather. If the maligned actor "can't get his popularity back up, no network is going to bank on him." I'm not so cynical, says Allison M. Dickson at Cinema Blend. Perhaps losing all his Men money and regaining contact with his kids is motivating him to "act normal for a bit." Let's just hope it lasts. After all, "unpredictability and attention-seeking behavior are all part of his Adonis DNA." Judge for yourself: