It's long been a truism that women are objectified in movies. But these days, objectification has gone equal opportunity, says Joe Reid at New York. In fact, "it's time to notice that we may be entering a new Golden Age in American entertainment: The Golden Age of Male Objectification." This summer ushered in a gaggle of films that allowed audiences to leer at toned and chiseled male leads, from Chris Evans in Captain America to Justin Timberlake in Friends With Benefits. In Crazy Stupid Love, Emma Stone stopped the film "in its tracks so we can all get a long, lingering look at at the physical perfection of her male counterpart, and Ryan Gosling just stood there and let us watch." Here, an excerpt:

As revolutions go, the movie industry learning to exploit their male movie stars is more a matter of fairness than real upheaval. It's not like women are suddenly not being objectified; now it's just objectification for all. But if the upshot is a slight widening of the traditional Hollywood gaze, a recognition that all sorts of audiences are looking for tawdry thrills at the movies — not to mention, more movies about male strippers with hearts, and asses, of gold — how is that not progress?

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