The video: Some "self-styled stuntmen" in Mumbai, India, have given the world a new extreme sport: Jumping on the side of a moving train, dragging their feet along the station platform, then hanging on the side of the train, slapping metal poles, and performing other terribly unsafe acrobatics. (Watch a video below.) Welcome to the "perilous" new sport of "train surfing," says John Barrett at Paste Magazine.

The reaction: Train surfing is an "incredibly careless and ridiculous 'sport,'" says Thorin Klosowski at Westword. But it isn't new. "Crazy people" in Europe mastered their own variation — running around on top of trains as if they were in a James Bond flick — in the 1990s. There were, of course, "a lot of deaths and the occasional lost limb." Expect the same for India's "equally idiotic" version of this stunt. That's part of what makes this video so impressive, says Paste's John Barrett. These guys have "undoubtedly practiced this stunt a lot and still have all their limbs (not to mention lives) intact." Don't try this at home, but you've got to "see it to believe it":